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Meal planning made easy

Make an easy-to-use meal plan, shop easily & eat better.

The best way to plan your meals

Meal planning made simple, fun and exciting!

Ezyvibes’ easy-to-use meal plan reduces the stress around food shopping and gives you an amazing variety of meals which will make dinnertimes a delight.

We make eating easy

A major stress factor around planning dinner is working out what to cook in the first place! Our tasty recipe bank will inspire you to plan and cook dishes that you’ll love.

Choosing recipes is easy and shopping for them is even easier! No more impulse buying of random ingredients destined for the bin; instead, you get a shopping list which is tailored to your meal selections. Waste is reduced – meaning your money goes further!

Want to try Ezyvibes for free?

We are so excited for Ezyvibes to transform your dinnertimes that we’d like you to join us for a free trial, today!

Enjoy the benefits of

  • – Appetizing, easy to follow recipes from around the world, chosen by you at the click of a button – making cooking dinner fun and enjoyable!
  • – A four-week plan with a list of ingredients for you to buy. No research, no planning, no stress! Simply decide what you want to eat and we’ll do the rest.
  • – New meal plans every four weeks for just  £9.99 per month
  • – Helping the environment by reducing food packaging waste.

Affordable and adventurous dinners

Every penny counts! With ingredients costing as little as £1.25 (approx.) per person, our dinner recipes are real value for money.


Features and Benefits

Enjoy eating again with our delicious recipes

Easily choose meals based on what you like

Make shopping easy with our self-calculating shopping list

Save time deciding what to eat, when shopping & when cooking

Easily plan ahead, even up to 1 month

A wide range of veggie, vegan & meat-based meals

Save money with less waste

1-week free, just £9.99 a month thereafter


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