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Spice Up Your Dinners

Why Ezyvibes?

Effortless meal planning, diverse cuisines, reduced waste, and better value. Transform your meals in 5 simple steps! Join now for a 50% discount on the first month and pay only £10.99/month thereafter. Cancel anytime

STEP 1 - Sign Up Now & Grab Your 50% Off Discount

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Step 2: Explore delicious recipes and build your cookbook

Ever find yourself wondering what to cook at 6 pm? Tired of unused ingredients in your fridge or the monotony of eating the same meals week after week? Ezyvibes can help! Spice up your meals by selecting from our diverse recipes.

Click ‘Discover our recipes,’ explore appetising options and easily add them to your cookbook.

Choose up to 14 different meals over a 4-week period, with fresh new meal plans every 4 weeks

Step 3: Create a personalised meal plan from scratch every 4 weeks

Our unique meal-planner ensures you know exactly what’s on your plate and when. Add 14 recipes from your cookbook to Week 1 and Week 2; and they’ll seamlessly repeat in Week 3 and Week 4.

Say goodbye to other midweek meal plans—Ezyvibes has your week covered, all 7 days!

Enjoy healthy, low-calorie recipes for weekdays and delightful fakeaways for the weekend—everything you need for a diverse and delicious week.

Step 4: Time to shop, guided by our pre-calculated shopping list

We’re committed to reducing waste and saving you money. Our recipes and meal planner are crafted to ensure you buy precisely what you need, minimising both food waste and unnecessary expenses.

Whether you prefer online orders or a trip to the supermarket, our straightforward pre-calculated shopping list makes the process a breeze. Four weeks, four shopping lists. Click on each ingredient to easily check them off as you shop, ensuring you don’t forget a thing!

Step 5: You're all set — let's get cooking

The fun begins now. With all your ingredients in hand, head to your cookbook, and click on the recipe of the day. Once it loads, follow the easy, step-by-step instructions to create delicious, nutritious meals every day of the week. Don’t forget to check out our handy tips on each recipe page too!

No more hassle, no more overthinking, no more stress. Just simple meal planning, tasty meals, and affordable prices. What’s not to love?

Just a few reasons to try Ezyvibes...

Enjoy every meal with meal plans for everyone

Easy simple recipes - you're in control

Cheapest meal plan option on the market today

Vegan and vegetarian options available.

Waste less

Save money

Tonnes of choice

Better for the environment

Just a few of our happy users: